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Welcome To My Little Spot

Bonjour! I’m Jami. I paint, write and design things. Go and take a look 🙂

A Friendly Notice

None of my art, graphics or writing is permitted for commercial use unless I say otherwise. I retain all rights to my material, and I do not provide the original files under any circumstances. Please keep that in mind.

It’s also worth noting that some of my artwork features nudity, violence and ideologically sensitive content. There is also very graphic and erotic content available on Patreon (though you have to donate to see that). View my content at your own discretion and don’t give me an earful if any of it bothers you; I won’t respond to any of that crap.


This is where I will start some regular rambling, at least, once I get it cooperating. Watch this space to see when they drop 😉

Well this is proving to be more of a ballache than I expected... For some reason it just doesn't seem …


As you can probably gather, this is where the arty stuff is sectioned… minus the straight-jackets 😉 


This is where you can look at my efforts of stringing words together. Naturally, they will be fictional with bits of real life thrown in for good measure.


This is where I wil grovel, please and beg for you to hand over your hard-earned cash for my cause. Donate and support me here to see exclusive content!