A Little About Me

Learn from the darkness. Do not become it...

Look. Listen. Realise.


I’m Jami – as in Jammy Dodger, not Jamie. It’s a nickname I gave myself during introductions on my first day of college, many moons ago back when I studied Performing Arts. It stuck with me like herpes to a dirty dick.

My Crimes

I write and create artworks. I also love gaming, and have taken to streaming occasionally – Twitch and YouTube links in the footer. I also took piano lessons during a midlife crisis, but the less said about that the better >D

My Methods

Aside from some old traditional bits (see my Traditional Archive), I create most artworks on my iPad using Procreate, with the graphics created using Affinity’s latest. Recently, I’ve considered taking it up the traditional pipe again, but we’ll have to see.

Writing is predominantly put together on my laptop, though sometimes I’ll scribble the old-fashioned way too depending on how I feel. I’ve recently taken to handwriting using Notability on my iPad as well. Quite scatisfying.

My Influences

Life. A lot of my work is pretty dark and reflective of things I’ve seen or experienced. Life’s a bitch, and great fuel for creative outlets. I have the greatest admiration for legends like Francis Bacon, Frida Kahlo, Stephen King, Susan Hill… and the list goes on. My favourite living artist right now is Dimitris Karakousis (known as DimDraws online) – his work is absolutely breathtaking, and he’s one of the nicest people you’ll come across.


As an artist I’m self-taught and have had no training beyond the generic art lessons you get in school. My original area of study was Performing Arts at Kendal College, my biggest passion, although health setbacks put an eventual stop to that. Art and writing were activities I loved alongside performing, but now they have no reason to be second best.


I’d love to be in a position where I can earn my living through my creative outlets. Money is of this world, and so I must do what I can to earn it – I’m too old to offer sexual favours as a trade-off.

Having my artwork displayed and sold in a gallery would be a wet-dream come true, as would having my scribes published professionally. There may be a lot for me to learn yet, but I think end-goals are important motivators.

Most importantly, I’d love to get to a stage where I could use my creative outlet as a means of raising awareness to causes that are important to me, in particular veganism and animal rights. Success gives you a bigger voice to be able to do that, so I appreciate all the help any of you can offer along the way.


Follow the links below to learn more about the ailments that drive me.

Some snaps to visually stimulate you. It’s a thing, apparently 😛