I’m currently on something of a hiatus whilst I deal with an ongoing medical problem. I hope to be back to normal again soon, and will naturally remove this when the time is right.

If you’re looking for something particular that can’t be found in my gallery then feel free to drop me a line. Provide as much detail about what you want, any colour preferences, style etc. and I’ll message you at the earliest opportunity. I will ask for reference photos as well.

Commission prices will vary depending on the artwork you request e.g. if you ask for a pet portrait of multiple animals, the price will increase in line with the number of animals you want. Once a price has been agreed, the amount must be paid in full once the commission is accepted before I start work on it – no exceptions. I’ve had requests in the past that have then been cancelled once the work is done, so this ensures that neither of us waste time or money. Thanks for understanding.

Provided that you’re cool with this, use the form below to begin the process of bringing your desired commission to life.